Barefoot On The ROCK Bible Cartoons by Rob ART Morgan
Fishy Business, Bible Cartoon by Rob ART Morgan
"I'm an expert fisherman, Mr. Carpenter. I have been fishing all night and caught nothing. I suppose you're going to whistle and all the fish will jump into my boat?"
Fishy Business Bible Cartoon
"I was joking. Can't you take a joke?"
READ: Luke 5:1-11

We hear every day on the news about advances in technology. "Common" fishermen use satellite based global positioning systems to pinpoint their boat's location in the vast ocean. They use sophisticated sonar devices to find the fish they're confident they can catch. It would seem that we don't need any miracles from God to catch fish these days. Yet scientists would be the first to admit that there are many variables and conditions that would render those hi-tech "toys" useless. Fishermen today can still manage to catch nothing but a cold on any given day. This Scripture passage really has two lessons for us.

First, nobody knows a surefire way to catch fish... nobody except the Person who created the fish. He even has the power to silently command the fish to jump into the boat. When Jesus comes along on a fishing trip, you don't even need fishing nets. What you need is a bigger boat!

Whatever you think you're an expert at doing, remember there's Someone in the Universe Who has unlimited knowledge and ability. Anytime He chooses, He can make you look like a rank amateur. Regardless of your occupation, your success has more to do with the mercy and power of God than your own cleverness.

Second, our ultimate calling is to "fish" for humans. Whatever you consider your occupation--astronaut or janitor, scientist or artist, professor or student, homemaker or domestic goddess, investment counselor or "gainfully unemployed"--it's secondary to the greater calling of joining the Fisherman on His "fishing" trips. If you are really a follower of Christ, your life is the bait, your place of employment or school is the lake, and your job is to catch souls for Him.

1. In what unique ways does your daily activity put you in touch with people who need to be "caught" for Christ? Do you think about it in that way very often?

2. Have you ever had an experience where you were chatting with someone and suddenly you realized that the Lord had positioned you to touch their deepest spiritual needs? How did that make you feel?

"Lord, may I not be so busy that I miss my real business--fishing for people. I need your blessing on everything I'm doing but more importantly, give me success at drawing people toward knowing You."
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 Fishy Business, Luke 5:1-11  
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