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OOO, Aren't We Touchy! Mark 5: 21-34
READ: Mark 5:21-34
"Oooo. Aren’t we touchy?"

The disciples couldn’t believe their ears! Here they were in a mob of people pushing and shoving and “thronging” and Jesus has the audacity to ask, “Who touched my clothes?” I would have said, “Who HASN’T touched your clothes?” Of course, this was a test. Not just for Peter and the others but for the woman.

As a child, I often wondered if God was really real. As I laid on my back in the soft, cool grass on a sunny day, I would say to Him, “God, nobody’s looking. If you are real, lift me up two inches off the grass and set me down. It will be our little secret.” Of course, nothing happened. God doesn’t do tricks.

When God’s supernatural power is released, it is always done to fill great need and to bring Him glory where two or more eye witnesses are gathered. As Jesus looked around to see the woman who had touched His clothes and received a healing, He wanted her to testify to her faith to all those present. Shaking with fear, she came and fell at His feet, spilling out her story for all to hear.

She wasn’t imagining this. She was really healed. She hadn’t seen an earthly doctor yet, but the Great Physician had confirmed that her faith had made her completely well.

As for the disciples, their initial reaction shows they thought Jesus was being touchy. “What do you expect in a mob situation?” Besides, Jesus was on His way to help a very sick girl. There was no time to be touchy. They would soon learn that the Lord misses nothing and always has time for seemingly insignificant people who get lost in the shuffle. Isn't He wonderful?

1. Has the Lord done something special for you lately? Did you ask for it or did it just happen?

2. And since it happened, have you told anyone? Why or why not?

"Lord, you are faithful to me. It’s not important that I see miracles but when I have an impossible problem, I know I am important to You. I believe that You will be there to help me. I pray that I will never forget to notice each thing You do and let others know what a great God you are.”
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 OOO, Aren't We Touchy! Mark 5: 21-34  
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