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Series 1 Bible Cartoon: He Stinketh, John 11:17-45
READ: John 11:17-45
He Stinketh!

Martha seemed angry when she said, "Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died." After all, she sent Him a note. He could have come sooner.

Why didn't He come sooner? Why did He wait two days after receiving the note? He had His reasons, as she was about to find out. Someone has said, "God is never early but He's never too late."

In Martha's "movie," He was supposed to come right away and heal Lazarus. Jesus was not cooperating with the movie "director."

Mary's reaction is somewhat different. She drops to His feet sobbing--but then makes the same comment as Martha. ("Lord, if you had been here...") Maybe I'm judging Martha too harshly. Maybe Mary came up with this line and Martha merely repeated it.

At this point Jesus starts weeping! Many scholars speculate on this. Even the mourners speculated, "See how He loved him!" It's true. Jesus loved Lazarus. But He knew that Lazarus' death was temporary. Something wonderful was about to happen. Why cry?

Maybe he was grieved as He reflected on the curse of death and how it affects everyone including His friends and He Himself. Just as with "the whole creation," He groans and longs for the time when everything and everyone "...will be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty...". (Romans 8:21,22)

Or was it the unbelief that grieved Him? When Martha urged Him NOT to open the tomb for fear of the stink, she revealed something about herself: that her faith 'stunk.' Notice this very important fact: Her lack of faith did not prevent the Lord from performing this mighty miracle. The stench of death turned quickly into the sweet smell of victory.
1. Have you ever said to God, "Where were You when I needed You?" Did He let you down? Or did He have something different in mind for the situation?

2. Are you afraid to die? Why? Or Why not?

3. If you were to die tonight and find yourself at Heaven's Gates, why should they let you in?
"Lord, You didn't just promise resurrection. You ARE the resurrection and the life. You said if I believe in You, I will never truly die. I believe You. Help my faith grow stronger and sweeter."
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 He Stinketh, John 11:17-45  
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