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Bible Cartoon: Peter Sinks Like A Rock, Matthew 14:23-33, Mark 6:45-51, John 6:16-21
Peter's attempt to walk on water almost ended in disaster. His fear overcame his faith when he took his eyes off the Master of the wind and waves.
READ: Matthew 14:23-33 (see also Mark 6:45-51; John 6:16-21)
Peter Sinks Like A Rock

One of the most amazing miracles occurred when Jesus walked on water. It was a dramatic demonstration of His power over Nature. In Iceland, one of the pastimes is racing 4 wheel drive vehicles with hopped up engines, modified chassis, and special wide tires with "paddles" in the tread. In one event, the vehicles race across a pond. They discovered that if they maintain a speed of 60 miles per hour or faster, their vehicle literally "walks" on water. If their engine sputters and they drop below that speed, the vehicle immediately sinks in what usually amounts to 4 or 5 feet of water.

Whether Jesus suspended the laws of physics or knows something scientists have yet to discover, He didn't let a little body of water keep Him from coming to the aid of His disciples whose boat was being tossed around by waves and fighting the wind. It was as if He commanded the molecules of water to cling tightly to each other. Was He showing off or making a spiritual point or just there to rescue them?

The disciples didn't believe their eyes. They thought they were seeing a ghost. Jesus didn't keep them in suspense. He said, "Be of good cheer! It is I (or literally 'I AM'); do not be afraid." (v. 27)

Peter cracks me up. "Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water." Yeah, right. Like if it was NOT Jesus, what would prevent some ghost or apparition from saying, "Sure, come out here (and drown)"? I guess Peter doesn't think like I do. I would have said, "If that's really you, tell the wind and waves to be calm."

Peter impulsively jumps into the water and starts walking toward Jesus. You know what happens next. In the cartoon I depict a heavy weight around his ankle labeled "fear" and a balloon slipping away called "faith." They are symbolic but isn't that what happened? Fear is always there but as long as we hold on to our faith, it overcomes the fear. He stopped looking at the Master of the waves and focused on the waves. Oops.

Interesting that he cries out to Jesus, the object of his faith. Some people think that any faith is good as long as you have some. But if you are sinking and about to drown, you want to cry out to someone who can actually help you. Your faith is no better than the object of your faith.

Once when I was 9 years old, I was playing in the water near the beach. Suddenly, I stepped into a hole and disappeared under the water. I panicked! "I can't swim!" I instinctively crouched down and pushed as hard as I could. I made it to the surface and yelled, "HALP!" Then I disappeared under water. A teen age boy saw me so I expected him to rescue me the next time I jumped. But when I reached the surface the second time, he was just looking at me and smiling. Ditto for the third lunge.

And I was so busy yelling for help, I forgot to gulp some air. Nor did I think of lunging toward the shallows. Terror overcame me. My short life passed before my eyes!

Among the thoughts shooting through my head was the saying, "If you go under the third time, that's it." Nevertheless, I jumped up the fourth time and the teenager was there to grab me. Instead of saying, "Thanks, dude," I started yelling, "What took you so long to come save me?" He answered, "I thought you were just playing around."

Nine years later, some strangers tried to crash one of my senior high school parties. I recognized one of them. It was the guy who saved me! "Of course you can crash! You and your friends are our honored guests!" I guess his face was etched in my psyche.

You can believe me when I say, "I know how Peter felt as he sunk." It's scary to think, "This is it. Game over man." Instead of putting Jesus (or the ghost) to the test, Peter ended up being tested himself. And he flunked.

Peter and his buddies were not dealing with an ordinary rabbi. Jesus was none other than the Creator of the Universe and the great I AM of old. This was beginning to dawn on the disciples. When He had calmed a storm with three words, "they feared exceedingly." On this occasion, Jesus walks on stormy water and calms it by simply stepping in the boat. They fell to their knees saying, "Truly You are the Son of God!"
1. What would you have done if you had been one of the disciples in the boat? Would you have jumped out like Peter or stayed in the boat? How would you have verified the identity of the "ghost"?

2. Can you think of a situation where you were afraid but your faith in God helped overcome your fear? Can you remember a time when the fear overcame your faith?

3. Does it matter what you have faith in as long as you have faith? Whom do you trust?
"Lord, You are amazing. And how comforting to know that You will come to me when I need you even if You have to walk on water. Thank You for always being ready to save me even when my faith is overcome by my fears. Truly You are the Son of God and I worship You."
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 Bible Cartoon: Peter Sinks Like A Rock, Matthew 14:23-33, Mark 6:45-51, John 6:16-21  
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